West. The bracket for the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs is set, and the 16 teams are ready to race for glory. Read the latest news and coverage on Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017. It's that time of year again. Fleury stood on his head in the 2017 playoffs to get the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Stanley Cup doorstep. View images, videos, and more on Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017 on Montreal Gazette. NHL Playoff Guide 2017. Hockey’s sweet sixteen starts its journey towards Lord Stanley’s Cup later this week. Few … Presented by. With the NHL postseason matchups set, it's time to break down the entire schedule, make a few predictions and preview the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Key points: The return of the Stanley Cup playoffs pit 16 teams all fighting for that pivotal 16th win. It could be the defending champion, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who hoist it again. Then in 2018, he bedeviled the Western Conference and stole the Western Conference Final from the Winnipeg Jets. Live scores and schedules as the NHL playoffs take off. Live scores and schedules as the NHL playoffs take off. During his tenure with the Ottawa Senators, Erik Karlsson’s moment came during the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. East. This is my favorite time of year and this year is going to be another exciting one with the usual teams looking to keep The Cup south of the border again. NHL Playoff Guide 2017.