Or are you looking to find this particular song you can’t recall lyrics of but can hum it? - midomi.com A search engine for tunes and musical themes and a collaborative music encyclopedia. Midomi also owns and powers SoundHound, a popular music identification app. The Note Recognizer analyses the pitch frequency that you sing or play, and gives the corresponding note name. This service allows users to record themselves, singing or humming a part of the song and then letting other users figure out the details. Only the melody needs to be known to search Musipedia or the Web. Only the melody needs to be known to search Musipedia or the Web. Use Shazam to Recognize Song. All you need to do is sing or hum into the microphone and the service returns information about the song. Are you looking to recognise a song that was playing on the radio while you were taking a ride in a taxi? Sing your own versions, listen to voices, see pictures, rate singers, send messages, buy music You can also listen to recordings of other users and identify their songs. Shazam app is available for Windows Phone, Android as well as iOS. This app can identify a song for you just by humming the melody or singing a few lyrics, in addition to providing Sham-style tagging. Easy Beatles Songs to Sing or Top Halloween Songs to Sing or Easy Christmas Songs to Sing for Beginners. Do you want to know what song is this which your neighbor currently playing in his car?

This app is super easy to use, and you do not have to pay any price to download it to your mobile. My wife passed by and sang three songs and Midomi identified all three. Sing and record your favorite songs and share them with the world! It is a community of music enthusiasts who can identify most songs and tracks.
SoundHound: You can identify a song by singing/humming it yourself or point the phone towards the music source. All you need to do is sing the lyrics of the song in front of your PC microphone, and the tool will identify the song. It allows identifying almost any unknown piece of music recording easily by means of a sophisticated proprietary audio fingerprinting algorithm.

What Song is this ?- Recognise a song with these methods.
Once identified, it will provide all the details about the song along with links to listen and buy the song.

Shazam is one of the most popular apps when it comes to music recognition. Sing the song, let midomi do the searching, and it will hopefully come up with suggestions based on what you sung.