To identify you online without the need to go in to a branch.

All you need is a selfie and your ID. Instead of opening an account in one country, why not get a multi-currency borderless account to make it easy to manage your money in Europe easy, no matter whether you’re working in euros, pounds, krone, lev or any of the other 28 currencies used in Europe.

Well, most people probably shouldn’t. Why open a Portuguese bank account? (DNI or NIE). Get an instant bank account online.

So that you can activate your account and bank online.

Why do you want to open a bank account in Europe? Open Banking Europe (OBE) is a PRETA initiative launched in June 2017 with the aim of fostering innovation, competition and efficiency to increase consumer choice and enhance security for online payments in the EU.

Open your bank account from your phone and start enjoying the benefits of controlling all your finances in one app. In addition to its low fee structure and free ATM use, you get everything you would expect from an online bank, including bill pay, mobile check deposit and four overdraft options that give you the flexibility to choose to have transactions automatically declined, draw from a savings account or line-of-credit or pay the transaction with a one-day grace period before overdraft fees apply. Free bank account with Mastercard debit Spanish IBAN 100% app-based banking: no paperwork required Your finances in your language But if any of the following reasons resonate with you, then maybe you should. We’ve opened a few bank accounts in the last few years to play the ‘bonus for new customers’ games. Mobile phone. N26 for expats—open a Spanish bank account, without any paperwork or a word of Spanish.

Unique Matching Engine Open your Bank Account in Europe.

Many countries make it quite hard to open bank accounts. Or, visit us at one of our stores. The multi-currency online bank account allows you to buy online and transfer money to different countries in real time with no currency exchange costs.
If you do not have an account at another bank we will send you a message, or you can go in to a Bankia branch.

We match your profile with suitable banks using the powerful BankApply Matching Engine. In addition, we guarantee 1-day quick bank transfers if made in Europe, without receipt fees and the highest security level with SWIFT payments. That’s true for popular financial centers like Singapore and Hong Kong. The BA Matching Engine is a one of a kind solution in the market built with a sole purpose of helping you to find the … It’s easy to open for non-residents. However, there is another option. Account number with another bank.

Open a Metro Bank personal current account in less than 10 minutes.