But, why does Turkey want to invade northern Syria? Turkey's attack on northeastern Syria came shortly after the US announced it would remove some of its troops from the region. The Kurds have criticised US President Donald Trump's decision to effectively green-light an invasion of Syria's Kurdish-majority north by Turkey. NO: ABSOLUTELY NOT Like most ignorant western media here is how real deal… YPG = is a Terror organization sub branch of PKK . The People’s Protection Units (YPG), consisting of a majority of Kurds, will not simply surrender; just as they fought against IS, they’ll fight against Turkish forces. The Turkish press is reporting that the Turkish government may be about to invade Syria along a 70-mile stretch of Turkey’s border with Syria to create a 20-mile deep safe zone. A man rides a motorcycle near the Syrian Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain along the border with Turkey on October 16, 2019. Though not a formal country, Kurdistan represents the areas in which the Kurds live throughout Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Armenia. EXCERPT Turkey’s War in Syria Was Not Inevitable U.S. strategy in Syria has long been plagued by short-term thinking, while Russia, Turkey, and Iran played a long game. Why Turkey Wants Their Invasion of Syria to Go Quickly Ankara wants to be sure it takes its objectives. The White House announced that US forces in northern Syria would move aside in advance of a planned Turkish military offensive. Between twenty-five and thirty-five million people known as Kurds live in a region straddling the borders of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Armenia.