The Finnish Baby Box is a collection of baby clothes and necessities for your baby’s first 12 months. As a Moomin fan you’re eligible for the -10% discount by using the code FANCLUB at the checkout at Now also Moomin Edition Finnish Baby Box is part of the campaign as a bonus product! Moomin Edition Finnish Baby Box inkluderar mer än 50 produkter, så väl inne- och utkläder, hygienprodukter, sängkläder och några överraskningar. Have a backstage view to how our Moomin edition Finnish Baby Box is packed. does not stock this adorable Moomin Edition Finnish Baby Box but check out Finnish Baby Box's own website! Näitä tuotteita et voi ostaa mistään muualta! Yes, we’re doing our utmost to make the products as easily useable as possible, but we also think enjoyable designs make for happier parents. For design, you can choose: Scandinavian Full of simple yet colourful, gender-neutral designs. Finnish Baby Box is a maternity package available to all expectant parents. 195 talking about this. Moomin edition Finnish Baby Box on uniikki sekoitus korkealaatuista skandinaavista designia ja Muumi-vaatteita ja -tuotteita, joista monia ei ole saatavilla muualta. Design Our goal is to put the fun in functionality. Tätä pakkausta varten olemme suunnitelleet yhteistyössä Reiman kanssa rajoitetun kokoelman tuotteita, joissa seikkailevat suloiset Muumi-hahmot. Moomin Edition Finnish Baby Box contains a unique mix of high quality Scandinavian After all, you’ll spend most of your waking hours looking at the baby during the first year. How I Fell in Love With the Finnish Baby Box Or at least a bougie knockoff of the one Finland’s government sends to all expectant parents. They offer growing families a portable and safe place for their newborn to sleep from birth until roughly 6 months of age and have been known to reduce bed sharing - a leading cause of SIDS. Muumi Finnish Baby Box. The box design is beautiful of course and what’s most important, the dads of the Finnish Baby Box managed to include an excellent selection of the very best official Moomin baby products available! Den stickade overallen är speciellt designad för Moomin Edition Finnish Baby Box tillsammans med ett finskt familjeföretag, Kivat. Pakkaus lanseerattiin kesällä 2015 ja sen jälkeen pakkausta on päivitetty ahkerasti perustuen asiakkaiden palautteisiin. Baby boxes are lightweight and sturdy cardboard boxes that expectant mothers in Finland have been using as bassinets since the 1930s. Suunniteltu ensivanhemmille! A lovely sleeping bag by Familon Oy and Delipap’s Moomin diapers are both Finnish design just like the 49 other products in the box as well. Moomin edition Finnish Baby Box sisältää noin 60 tuotetta, monet valmistettu ekslusiivisesti juuri Muumi-äitiyspakkausta varten. What delights us Moomin fans is that at the moment two products in The Finnish Baby Box features the Moomins! Three dads from Lauttasaari, Finland hand pack and ship Finnish Baby Boxes to parents all over the world. A Moomin-branded Finnish baby box Infant mortality rates have reduced dramatically in Finland since the care package was first brought in, for which medical professionals thank the … If you order Moomin Baby Box from the Finnish Baby Box webstore before the end of November 2015, you’ll get 20 % discount with the code Moomin70!