Some of my favourite stories about being called Emma Thompson come from when I had just started working as a buyer in the early 2000s when her performance as Karen in Love Actually … Director … Emma Thompson has confirmed what we suspected, that she isn’t going to be in the Love Actually mini-sequel not because of scheduling conflicts, but simply because it wouldn’t be right. A Love Actually fan has highlighted an apparent plot hole in the Christmas movie classic, sparking a debate online. The actress, 33, spoke candidly about filming alongside the Love Actually … The post-scripts I like to imagine for that film have different marriage outcomes but the same in terms of Emma Thompson's happiness. EMMA Thompson has revealed the real heartache being the iconic Love Actually scene where her character had discovered her husband was cheating.

One is that Alan Rickman realises how much he's been taking his wife and family for granted and makes changes, while she realises how much she's been defined by being a wife, mum and the PM's sister and starts realising her own individual potential. In … Love Actually is back on our TV screens for Christmas, and it has reminded us of something we learned about the film back in 2015. Emilia Clarke revealed she did 'a lot of drinking' with Emma Thompson while they filmed Last Christmas..