Bright received criticism for its screenplay, cinematography and excessive focus on social commentary. Are you looking forward to the Bright sequel? RELATED: Bright 2 Is Still Happening at Netflix Confirms Director David Ayer. 08 January 2020; MovieWeb; Bright 2 is still in the cards at Netflix. Plot unknown. Will Smith's Bright 2 on Netflix given disappointing update by star. Review by nigga sex. Bright 2 Is Still Happening at Netflix Confirms Director David Ayer. Stop it. why. Review by HakeemP. By Chris Edwards. What'd you think of the original film? Bright 2 The Future. There is no release date yet. Découvrez toutes les informations sur le film Bright 2, les vidéos et les dernières actualités. Get Bright DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. The controversial writer of the first Bright, Max Landis, is not slated to come back for the sequel, though it’s unclear why that is. Netflix hasn't revealed any casting or release date information yet. Netflix is pushing forward with Bright 2, the David Ayer-led follow-up to one of the streaming service's biggest offerings. On Rotten Tomatoes , the film holds an approval rating … After reports that a sequel was in the works, company has confirmed that Bright 2 is in development through a brief teaser clip (below). 20/09/2019 Netflix. Bright The Sequel is confirmed. This review may contain spoilers. Title still needs work. Inhaltsangabe: Fortsetzung des Netflix-Fantasy-Thrillers „Bright“, in dem ein Mensch und ein Ork ein ungleiches Cop-Duo bilden.. I can handle the truth. Bright 2, Brighter, Bad Boys in Mordor, Orcs Gone Wild, The Last Inferni, Wand Wars… OK.. Netflix is making a sequel to Bright starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Bright 2 ein Film von David Ayer mit Will Smith, Joel Edgerton. Sequel to the 2017 film 'Bright.' Bright 2 est un film réalisé par David Ayer avec Will Smith, Joel Edgerton. Will Smith's reported filming schedule firms up as the delay of Suicide Squad 2 allows room for Bad Boys For Life and Bright 2 … So far, the sequel is known as "Bright 2," but it will probably end up with a more creative title at some point. Here’s what you can expect to see in Bright 2. Bright was released in December 2017 and served as one of the streaming service's first forays into producing big-budget original features. 2 Bright: Time For Some Shades. Bright The Sequel is confirmed. Will Smith's urban fantasy Bright will return for a second film on Netflix, and the German cult hit Dark has been renewed for Season 2. With Will Smith, Joel Edgerton. Review by Isis Carey. Bright 2: Even Brighter Than Before. Netflix, if you use one of those I want a writers credit and some royalties. You may have to wait a while. Will Smith To Film Bad Boys 3 & Bright 2 Before Suicide Squad 2. Bright 2 has yet to receive a release date. There is no release date yet. Netflix has confirmed that 'Bright 2' is happening, with David Ayer writing and directing the sequel while Will Smith and Joel Edgerton may return to star. Directed by David Ayer. Title still needs work. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!----- Bright 2, Brighter, Bad Boys in Mordor, Orcs Gone Wild, The Last Inferni, Wand Wars… OK.. Bright 2 confirmed by Netflix, Will Smith expected to return. Fairytale races coexist with humans on an alternate modern day Earth. David Ayer will return to write and direct Bright 2. Netflix Orders Sequel to Will Smith's Bright, Renews Dark.