More information on Apple developer accounts is available in the Device Provisioning guide. Go to the Apple ID account page and click Create your Apple ID. Manage your account settings, track orders and returns, and check your gift card balance with your Apple account.

If you don’t have a Mac machine and Apple device, please follow below mentioned steps to configure Apple Developer Account with Appy Pie’s assistance: Step 1 : Go to Apple Developer Portal ( Step 2 : If you have an Apple Developer account, login, else Create Apple ID. Can I create apple developer account without apple device? In compliance with the App Store guideline 4.2.6, in order to publish an app on your developer account you must be the app final owner. Enrol as an individual here. Step 3 : Click on Join the Apple Developer Program Here is a step-by-step guide to create the developer account with Apple. Due to Apple's guidelines and policies, you are required to setup your own developer account for your app to be published.. Welcome to our step-by-step on creating an Apple Developer account. - **Free accounts may experience issues launching apps on the watch for the first time.
Apple will reject your app submission unless it is “submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content”. Enter your name, birthday, email, password, and choose the country or region that matches the billing address for your payment method. 6) Validate your account by paying $99 requested by Apple (this is an annual subscription) GIVING ACCESS TO YOUR DEVELOPER ACCOUNT If you have a Business Apple Developer account, you must give us the rights to publish on it. You must also have a paid Apple Developer account to use this feature. Knowledgebase Mobile Application How to create an Apple Developer account? The Apple Developer Program is what gives you the ability to make your app available on the App Store for iOS users. How to Set Up an Apple Developer Account. This guide will cover the following steps Creating an Apple id using your company domain. How to create an Apple Developer account to submit your iOS app. The Apple Developer Program enables Apple to establish partnerships with other companies and individuals for app development.

Note: An Apple Developer account is required to submit your app along with a $99/year paid membership. How do I create an Apple Developer Account? You just need to follow a few steps: Once we have completed our investigation, we will notify you Re: Apple reject my game on appstore and started investigation of my account Note: You may use an existing Apple ID if you have one and skip this step. Before Opening an Apple Developer Account: It is required by Apple to have a unique (Business) developer account for each app you submit (It is recommended that the 'team name'/business name will be identical to the app name. How to Set Up an Apple Developer Account.