The hybrid split incorporates both whole-body days as well as upper and lower days into a 4-day … The program is spread out over 7 days with 4 … Prepare for gains. I've been using a similar structure for a year, only with a four day split. If you are a beginner and would like to do this routine, change the 3 sets … 4 Day Power and Muscle Building Routine Read More » The Hybrid Split. The Importance of Your Diet While on the 3-Day Powerlifting Workout 4 Day Beginner Powerlifting Program This is a straightforward beginner to intermediate powerlifting training program with the goal of increasing strength, adding muscle mass and reinforcing form for the big 3 lifts; bench press, squat and deadlift. For Day 2, you’ll push yourself harder, dividing a two-mile distance equally between quarter-mile runs and quarter-mile slow jogs. Goal Of This Workout This routine is based on a powerbuilding model and is intended for intermediate lifters. Beyond that, it is a 5 day workout program making it more appropriate for some lifters’ schedule opposed to the 4-day PHAT workout listed below. Three day training splits for strength the intermediate powerlifting program beginner powerlifting workout routines the novice powerlifting program And on Day 3, you’ll finish your strength workout by running two miles with quarter-mile recovery jogs between each mile. I call it the "hybrid" split, and it might be as close to perfection as you're ever going to find. 5 Day Powerlifting Split Workout - 16 Week Peak This is a 16 week strength building and peaking cycle that I plan on testing out leading into my next powerlifting meet. Important Notes: The only other way I’d considered doing this was to use a push-pull-legs split, but considering I’d been following this three-way split already in my five-day program, I decided to keep it the same. What Are The Major Differences Between 3 And 4 Day Splits? It's important that you follow the correct diet program if you want to get the maximum results out of this program. And while one might assume that a 4-day split is going to provide an opportunity for harder work, this is not necessarily the case. The first, most obvious difference between 3- and 4-day splits is the number of workout days and rest days. This workout was designed by Doug and is aimed at muscle growth. I still undulated during the week as I like to do, starting the week off with slightly lower reps and finishing in higher rep brackets. 26 award-winning powerlifting and powerbuilding programs including free downloads of each workout program with calculators, spreadsheets, and more. There is a way to capitalize on the benefits and minimize the downsides of the latter two splits outlined above. As requested by you guys, we've added Doug Lawrenson's 4 day split muscle building workout to our database of workouts. So you want to build some muscle and start building some powerful strength and stumbled across this routine.